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Amy Mayerson is the engine that keeps Edge Boutique running every day.  Amy has been with the company since it's inception in 2008 and she is as commited to the success of the store as the Owners.  Amy has an extensive background in retail management, and merchandising and she is also an Assistant Buyer for Edge, specializing in denim and women's apparel.  Amy and her husband live in San Ramon with their two amazing children.


"I am so lucky to have been a part of Edge since the very beginning!  I love working with all our amazing clients & making new ones all the time.  I truly enjoy getting to help others shop for themselves & find exciting new trends & clothes they love.  The best part is at the end of the day we all worked together to give back to others & help make a difference through Edge Gives." 

- Amy Mayerson




Todd & Jill Weinberg have lived in the East Bay Area most of their lives and have a deep love for their hometown of Danville.  Todd originally founded Edge Shop for Men in 2006 and in the latter part of 2011, Jill jumped into the mix as an Assistant Buyer for the new women's shop.  Today, the combined (men's & women's) store is called Edge Boutique.  In 2012, Todd & Jill took a bold step and decided to commit 100% of the store's profits to charity.  They are excited to make Edge a place of Business and of Hope.  As Edge realizes profits, they will distribute quarterly gifts to various local and international charities such as World Vision, Shepherd's Gate, CityTeam, and many others.  The Weinberg's hope that everyone who shops at Edge will do so realizing that they are actually more than just a "consumer", they are philanthropists because every purchase is ultimately going toward a very good cause!  

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Alyson Colton - Style Specialist


I've been married to my husband Jeff for 23 years and we have two sons aged 21 and 17.  Danville has always been an integral part of my life, whether it be through volunteering at the local schools or being involved in some of the many philanthropies that make this such a special place to live.  What I love most about "Edge" is being able to be a part of an environment which is born of Todd's ever-evolving vision of helping others through giving back.  When I walk through those doors, not only do I get to interact with our wonderful community, but I get to help contribute to the common good.  I'm so thankful!